Lanyards are worn around the neck to hold keys, ID cards, whistles, and other small items. Nylon, polyester or woven material may be used to make lanyards, and each has a different feel. There are also various types of clips and buckles which can be attached to the end of the lanyard. Lanyards are also called sling ropes because they may be slung over one arm if the user needs both hands. There is a wide variety of lanyards available in Ireland, ranging from small plastic ones to large and wide woven ones, and at Ireland Lanyards we have the most popular types to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Having a lanyard around your neck can simplify several aspects of your life. People who prefer to snap pictures with their cell phones, such as taking a selfie or a photograph of a person in front of them or at their side, need to have these. They are an absolute must and will keep your camera or mobile phone safe and readily available. They are also incredibly vital for first responders like paramedics and police officers, who need to carry tubes, hooks, and intravenous drips that they need to use on patients. These items are essential for the treatment that these individuals provide. Students at many schools use lanyards to hang up their school bags or show their identity cards. This avoids having to lug them around all day, which is especially helpful when it is raining outside or they are carrying many books.

People are constantly handing out their business cards to people who might become customers. The best choice is to have a lanyard that has your design sublimated onto it. This indicates that it has the language and logo of your brand imprinted on it. Because of this, you are aware that you are a top-tier specialist in your industry, and nobody else can claim the title for themselves. Most people use these lanyards to promote their work at trade exhibitions and other public venues where they have a sales pitch or presentation to give out to clients. As a result, these lanyards have become commonplace and widespread. This tool is often utilized by influential people to demonstrate their professional standing. There are many varieties of lanyards that can be purchased today. However, sublimation lanyards are by far the most popular option. Many businesses have made wearing them an essential component of their employees’ uniforms.

sublimated lanyards

Using a technique called dye sublimation, lanyards can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual customers. It entails colouring the lanyard strap by a printing process known as sublimation, which means the ink is evaporated before being applied to the lanyard material. During the dye sublimation process, the material used for the lanyard keeps its original form but takes on the colour of the ink being used. One way to think of it is as pressing the pattern into the fabric, which results in a surface that is smooth and velvety to the touch.

Do you need lanyards with your company’s logo to advertise your business? If this is the case, you might want to consider getting a lanyard that is tailored precisely to your needs. By selecting from many different colours and patterns, you are able to create a one-of-a-kind lanyard for your business that says a lot about you. The sublimation process allows for the lanyard to match your company colour scheme and even add effects such as shadows. When you use lanyards to advertise your company, you have access to many different designs to select from. It will be much easier for customers to determine whom they are working with if you personalise them with corporate logos and contact information. You have complete creative control over the appearance of your products when you use our convenient online designer. Dye sublimated lanyards offer print on both sides of the lanyard material at no extra cost which is a nice bonus.

Eco-Friendly Lanyards:

The trend of “becoming green” can be promoted in a way that is both entertaining and inventive by using eco-friendly lanyards. As an alternative to plastic, they are often crafted from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic, hemp, cotton, or bamboo. Lanyards that are safe for the environment do not use dyes that contain dangerous chemicals, like chlorine dyes. Typically, they can be recycled in full, are quite long-lasting, and come in a rainbow of colours! This trend of using eco-friendly lanyards is just starting to gain traction in Ireland, where it is still relatively new.

eco friendly lanyards

The lanyard is a pleasant and colourful way for teachers to remind their children of the idea of “being green,” which is environmentally favourable. It is something of a discussion piece that may be displayed throughout the day. This will remind people of the many ways in which they can contribute to the preservation of our planet. A lanyard is an excellent option for a present for any educator who values innovation, originality, and concern for the environment. Recycled lanyards in Ireland are a perfect way to gain exposure and at the same time do no harm to the planet.

Woven Lanyards:

Another product that has gained traction in Ireland over the past few years is woven lanyards. There are a variety of manufacturers that are now producing them, and the typical construction involves plaiting or twisting threads on plastic. These are versatile enough to be used either as gifts or to carry identification cards. They are very long lasting and highly durable making them the perfect lanyard type for use in outdoor settings for delivery staff or repair workers.

woven lanyards

Because they look great, they can be worn in a variety of ways, and can also be used when you need something to carry your phone around a crowded space like an airport or a concert venue. The trend has primarily gained popularity among people who are interested in fashion. They are available in a wide range of colours, and they can also be purchased in a number of different widths. Woven lanyards are limited in what can be included in the design and mostly is used for just text or very simple logos.

Because it can store all your small items without taking up too much room or adding too much weight to your pockets or bag, this is one of the handiest things you can bring along with you on a daily basis and it is one of the most practical things you can bring with you on a trip. Woven lanyards in Ireland are a great long-term product mostly used by businesses to give to their staff.

Polyester Lanyards:

Polyester is a unique product that has changed the industry because of its lightweight, water-resistant, and durable properties. As a result, there is a global demand for polyester lanyards. A polyester lanyard is a long and narrow strip of fabric that is similar in appearance to film. One end of the lanyard is attached to another item, such as an identification card, a keychain, or a cord. The opposite end is often constructed by weaving both ends closely together with a thread running through the middle. In addition, different polyester mixes each have their own distinct qualities, allowing them to be put to a variety of uses, such as in anti-fouling paints or thermal insulation.

polyester lanyards

People frequently use polyester lanyards to secure their identification cards and keys to their person. Although its most typical application is for holding identification badges at work or school, lanyards can also be used to carry other small goods. The print method used is silk screen printing and this means that any text or logo is printed directly onto the surface of the material. Polyester lanyards are the cheapest lanyards in Ireland and are also the base material used in plain lanyards too.

Nylon Lanyards:

The use of nylon lanyards is gaining more and more favour in Ireland. This is becoming a more common kind of identification lanyard, used as a security pass for employees at a variety of firms. These can be worn around the neck to securely hold identification badges and access cards, and they can also be attached to a keychain for added convenience. In addition, there is a wide selection of colours available to choose from, as well as traditional black. Lanyards made of colourful nylon are especially well-liked by children and are frequently used in educational settings, summer camps, and daycare centres.

Nylon lanyards

Nylon is a premium product and is the most expensive type of lanyard. It is commonly used by businesses that are looking to have a standout lanyard. The item is smooth to the touch but only offers print on one side for the quoted prices. For most customers sublimated lanyards are suitable and a preferred option as they are cheaper than the nylon type.

Lanyards are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours, and shapes. They are frequently adorned with various forms of marketing and can have a number of different metal latches at the end that allows the user to attach more things to the lanyard. There are also plastic buckles, pull reels and ID badge holders available that can be supplied with any type of lanyard.