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Personalized Polyester Lanyards in Ireland

Cheap Plain and Printed Polyester Lanyards in all colours

Behind sublimated finish which are the most commonly ordered product, personalized polyester lanyards are the next most popular lanyard in Ireland. They are the ideal product for many businesses due to their strong durability and cheap price for both small and large orders. In fact for order quantities of over 500 units polyester lanyards are the cheapest lanyards in Ireland and can work out to as little as 35c per unit. The production steps involved leave multiple raised vertical stripes across the lanyard area and this gives a slightly rough feel when touched. The individual fibres come together to bring about a strong and long lasting product which can be worn for months comfortably.

With many different manufacturing techniques involved in making lanyards, sometimes polyester lanyards are also known as silk screen lanyards. This method of finish is where the artwork is ironed onto the material directly and sits just on top of the vertical stripes. Companies in Ireland on a tight budget should certainly consider polyester lanyards as a great product with a competitive price. The only draw back to the product is that the print process is only recommended for simple artworks with only one colour and limited detail.

Polyester lanyards are a favourite for companies in Ireland as they offer two main benefits when compared with other products. Firstly they are very strong and durable allowing them to be worn for months and even years. If the lanyards are to be worn daily by staff then polyester is a great long lasting material. Secondly, polyester lanyards are the cheapest lanyards in Ireland for orders over 500 units on a per unit price. Organisations looking for a durable and cheap lanyard find the perfect mix with the polyester material and bulk orders make the price even more competitive. Click here to place an order for custom polyester lanyards and our sales team will get back to you straight away. 

The limitations of the product mean that the design to be printed should be simple in terms of detail and also in one colour. Additionally the prices quoted below are for one sided print, with two sided print incurring extra cost. With an extremely long life expectancy these type of lanyards are perfect for day to day use in offices or staff working outdoors such as sales, repairs or deliveries. Polyester lanyards are supplied with a variety of clips and buckles meaning they can be used in almost an environment. A few images of polyester lanyards can be found below together with a price list comparing all the types of products. Delivery time is approximately 10-12 days from confirmation of artwork and payment has been received. 

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Polyester Lanyard
Polyester Lanyard
Quantity Sublimated Polyester Woven   Nylon  
100 € 140.00 € 150.00 € 200.00 € 200.00
200 € 230.00 € 240.00 € 270.00 € 270.00
300 € 295.00 € 305.00 € 330.00 € 330.00
500 € 400.00 € 405.00 € 435.00 € 435.00
1,000 € 650.00 € 645.00 € 720.00 € 690.00
2,000 € 1,050.00 € 1,020.00 € 1,150.00 € 1,100.00
3,000 € 1,450.00 € 1,375.00 € 1,560.00 € 1,540.00
5,000 € 2,200.00 € 2,050.00 € 2,325.00 € 2,330.00


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