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Lanyard Questions in Ireland

FAQ Lanyard Questions for Plain and Printed Lanyards

Lanyard Questions for our customers

See below a list of the most commonly asked Lanyard Questions that will help with queries about artwork dimensions and production times. As with most promotional products for businesses in Ireland it is hard to know exactly which type is the best with so many options available on the market. Lanyards are normally a purchase made as a one off with a set quantity planned to last for a long duration of time. We are here to assist you through every step of the process and our dedicated sales and design team have a wealth of knowledge to ensure you make the right choice. We offer the best lanyard prices in Ireland for both plain and custom printed lanyards together with an array of accessories such as metal clips, plastic buckles and even ID holders.

As we speak to customers on a daily basis we thought a list of the most frequently asked Lanyard Questions would be able to answer the majority of queries that any customers may have about the process. Of course, if these answers do not cover your specific Lanyard Questions then feel free to either send us an email on or call us on 830475444. We have spent years sourcing top quality products and perfecting production techniques to ensure that we offer only fantastic lanyards at competitive prices. Whether you have a design in mind already or would like us to work on one for you, our design team will make sure that the final product will have a great visual impact when the lanyard is worn. All of our prices for plain and printed lanyards in Ireland can be found by visiting the pricing page. For an image of a lanyard template with relevant dimensions please click here.

Most common Lanyard Questions

What are lanyards?

A lanyard is the product that is made out of fabric material and is worn around the neck. Most commonly they are worn by staff at offices or shops to show an ID card or an electronic fob. There are four main types of material used to make lanyards each has its own benefits. Lanyards can be plain or printed and are very durable meaning they can be worn for many months at a time. 

How much do lanyards cost?

The unit price of lanyards depends on the total quantity order, with the cheapest lanyard prices in Ireland available on bulk orders over 500 units. We do not charge any setup fees with our custom printed lanyards and the cheapest price for a minimum quantity of 100 sublimated lanyards is €1.40 per unit plus delivery. For larger orders, the cheapest price for 5,000 polyester lanyards is €0.35 per unit.

What are sublimated lanyards?

Sublimated lanyards are the most popular lanyards available as they are relatively cheap for smaller orders and can also print logos and text in very fine detail. For orders up to 500 units sublimation lanyards are the cheapest lanyards in Ireland. The product is also known as dye-sub lanyards which allows for them to be printed on both sides without any extra costs. 

How long do lanyards take to deliver?

Lanyards are particularly popular with corporate clients such as companies and organisations looking to gain extra exposure. Most clients are working on tight deadlines and our customized lanyards have a delivery time of approximately 8-10 days depending on quantity. Plain lanyards are available with a same day dispatch service with delivery in 1-3 days. 

How much are plain lanyards?

The large majority of our clients prefer to order custom printed lanyards as these include a companies logo or specific text and is a great form of advertising. We do also supply plain lanyards in a variety of different colours on request. Plain polyester lanyards are the most common product as they are cheap and also have a fast delivery time. Prices from just 45c per unit for orders of 1,000. 

What is the minimum quantity order for lanyards?

Due to the initial print plate setup costs in our production method the minimum amount of custom printed lanyards that we can produce is 100 units. Smaller orders under 100 units are available but they will be priced at the same amount as 100. Plain lanyards are available with a minimum quantity of 20 units for same day dispatch from our office. 

Which metal clips are available with lanyards?

Whilst there are a wide variety of accessories available, our plain and printed lanyards are supplied with a standard metal clip to attach items to. This clip can be changed for any of the items displayed on the image below with additional costs as applicable. We also supply plastic PVC pockets for ID cards or name badges and other buckles and clips. 

What size are lanyards?

Lanyards come in an assortment of different sizes but our standard plain and custom printed lanyard size is 20mm in width * 900mm in length. The printable area allows for logos and text to be clearly visible when the lanyard is worn. Lanyards are a one size fits all product and ideal for adults or kids. We also offer 15mm and 25mm width on request but recommend 20mm as the industry standard. 

Can I print my logo on lanyards?

Customized lanyards allow for the printing of logos and text onto the surface of the lanyard. The material which offers the best results for logos with multiple colours is sublimated lanyards. Dye sub lanyards offer an incredibly detailed print finish and means effects such as gradients, shadows and highly detailed logos will appear sharp. Other materials also allow the printing of simple logos and text.

Are lanyards waterproof?

Lanyards are made to be worn for long term use and can be worn for months and even years in some cases. Our top quality lanyards are made from the highest grade materials and woven lanyards offer the most durable option. They are waterproof and can even be washed if dirty. Woven lanyards are extremely long lasting, which is ideal for staff likely to be working in outdoor environments. 

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