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Customized Sublimated Lanyards in Ireland

Sublimated Lanyards with custom print in full colour

The most popular lanyards in Ireland are personalized sublimated lanyards and they make up the huge bulk of orders that we produce for customers. They can sometimes be referred to as dye-sub lanyards as this reflects the actual manufacturing process. When the product is made we carefully dye the material and create vibrant and eye catching designs with logos and text in full colour. They are the best choice for customized lanyards when the artwork contains highly detailed components such as logos and gradients or effects on the background. The sublimated finish brings about great results with sharp print and a full spectrum of colours. Apart from unrivalled clarity on printed designs we are also able to pantone match any colours meaning we can match any organisations colour scheme. 

Customized dye-sublimated lanyards are the most versatile product for business in all types of industries. Where as other materials will limit what the colours that can be printed, dye-sub lanyards offer great flexibility in terms of design. Not only that, but they are also the cheapest lanyards in Ireland on small orders up to 500 units when compared to the other types of material. The overall unit price is also very competitive on bulk orders which can offer great lanyard discounts.

Sublimated lanyards are quite simply the best choice for 90% of clients and a great product for any organisations looking to start using lanyards to achieve brand awareness. Many corporate clients are using personalized lanyards for staff or guests at conferences or trade shows in Dublin and other cities around Ireland. When compared with other promotional products such as USB sticks and pens a lanyard is highly visible and can be worn for months rather than just a week or two. It also acts as a great form of advertising with extremely high visual impact around clients or potential suppliers. Add your company logo to a custom printed lanyard and benefit from long term exposure. Click here to order Sublimated Lanyards today and our sales team will get back to you with a quote and visual proof of how the final product will look.

With safety in the workplace a priority, our sublimated lanyards are supplied with a safety breakaway clip as standard. We offer a wide variety of clips, buckles and plastic holders that are compatible with the lanyards to ensure we can provide any requirements necessary. As you will see from the images on this page, dye-sub lanyards can be printed with effects and even backgrounds to make the design stand out from the crowd. A price list for sublimated lanyards in Ireland can be found below with the other types of materials that we offer. Delivery time is approximately 10-12 days from confirmation of artwork and payment being received.

Sublimated Lanyard
Sublimated Lanyards
Sublimated Lanyards
Quantity Sublimated Polyester Woven   Nylon  
100 € 140.00 € 150.00 € 200.00 € 200.00
200 € 230.00 € 240.00 € 270.00 € 270.00
300 € 295.00 € 305.00 € 330.00 € 330.00
500 € 400.00 € 405.00 € 435.00 € 435.00
1,000 € 650.00 € 645.00 € 720.00 € 690.00
2,000 € 1,050.00 € 1,020.00 € 1,150.00 € 1,100.00
3,000 € 1,450.00 € 1,375.00 € 1,560.00 € 1,540.00
5,000 € 2,200.00 € 2,050.00 € 2,325.00 € 2,330.00

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