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Conference Lanyards in Ireland 

Custom Printed Lanyards for conferences and trade fairs

Customized Lanyards for Business

Custom printed lanyards are without doubt the best way for local Irish businesses to clearly identify their staff, whether it be internally at the office or externally at events. Conference Lanyards can be coupled with the explosion of electronic key fobs to enter office premises, lanyards have become the favoured product for staff members to wear. Not only does it offer a great branding opportunity for the company, but it also allows the staff members to carry ID cards or information to control entrance and visitor management. With staff members often wearing the personalized lanyard to and from work it is a great way to have your branding exposed to the public. Utility companies together with other sales related organisations use lanyards to identify their staff when carrying out work at peoples homes or in public places. Our most popular clients include a number of accounting firms and IT related companies who are issuing lanyards to staff to wear whilst completing tasks.  

Customized lanyards have grown into such an important part of modern culture that businesses are providing staff with lanyards in the same way that they would provide uniforms. Irish companies looking at starting to use lanyards will find that the prices are extremely reasonable with prices starting at around 60c per lanyard for orders of over 1,000 units. Our woven lanyards are highly durable and can be worn for many months as such the purchase can be seen as a marketing expense with the company branding being exposed on a daily basis. Many local businesses in Dublin and surrounding areas are providing their staff with lanyards such as schools, charities and even festival organisations. Contact us for a visual proof of your Conference Lanyards today and quote to see how they can work for you and your business.

Conference Lanyards

Personalized Conference Lanyards

With the huge amount of financial and technological companies with offices in Ireland there are conferences and networking events almost every week. This is the ideal situation for your staff to be wearing customized lanyards and get your brand noticed by individuals in the same industry. Of course, if you have been to any business conference or trade fair recently then it is more than likely that you were given a custom printed neck strap at the event to hold an ID card. These personalized promotional products In Ireland have exploded in popularity and organisers find lanyards the ideal way to attach ID material such as name, company and role. With branding opportunities not to be missed on, many conferences offer sponsorship opportunities to companies who wish to advertise their logo on the official conference lanyard that will be worn by thousands of attendees. With the number of expos, business trade shows and presentations lanyards are becoming more of a mainstream product with every passing week.

Custom printed lanyards in Ireland have a number of key points that make them the ideal product for conferences and trade fairs. There are a number of different clips available depending on the type of plastic pocket that will be used to identify the wearer. The plastic pocket itself is also customizable and we offer a number of standard sizes such as A6, A5 and others available on request. Security can easily look at Conference Lanyards and identify whether they are allowed access to certain areas or events at a conference setting. Similarly attendees can do the same and make a decision on whether to approach a guest or not. With so many summits taking place in Ireland throughout the year, lanyards are an easy and flexible form of identification for all staff members and also attendees.

Business Lanyards

Which Lanyard is the best for my business?

We offer the four main types of lanyards that are commonly found on the market, all made of different materials and each with its own benefits. If the lanyard is likely to be worn regularly in outdoor environments such as for sales reps or repair staff then the best product would be a woven lanyard, known for its durability. The threads are woven together at production and form a very strong product that will not wear and tear and can even be washed. Another important point when choosing which lanyard is the best option is to review the print requirements. Certain lanyards offer sharper print detail and can be printed on both sides such at no additional cost which is seen as a bonus for many customers. Should the logo or text contain just one simple base colour then the most effective option would be polyester lanyards which offer the cheapest price for lanyards in Ireland. Of course are sales team are on hand to make suggestions as to the optimum solution for your organisation and can prepare a visual proof at no cost. Conference Lanyards have a production time of approximately 14 days. 

Which Conference Lanyards are best?

Undoubtedly the most popular type of lanyard that we supply to organisers of conferences in Ireland is the sublimated lanyard. It allows for the printing of extremely fine detail on logos and text and even allows for gradients and shadow effects. When all eyes will be focused on key note speakers who will be wearing a lanyard, then it must be the sharpest print with the best results. If sponsors are paying to be included on the lanyard they will expect their brand to be shown clearly and the best way to get the desired result is to opt for sublimated lanyards. Additionally sublimated lanyards can be printed on both sides at no cost and the smooth soft feel of the lanyard is what regular attendees of such events are now used to. When only the highest quality lanyard material will suffice then the best option is Nylon. They offer the premium feel together with a shiny or reflective final finish meaning that they are very distinctive and will certainly get noticed at trade fairs or conferences. Contact us today for a free visual proof and quote of the cheapest lanyards in Ireland available for fast delivery. 

Click on any of the types of lanyards below and read more information about each material type and how lanyards can work for your event or business. 

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