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Eco Friendly Lanyards in Ireland 

Custom Printed Recycled Lanyards for businesses and organisations

Eco Friendly Lanyards in Ireland

At Ireland Lanyards we are proud to offer the perfect product for those looking to minimise their carbon footprint. Our Eco Friendly Lanyards are ideal for the ever growing list of people who are worried about the continued increase in consumption and are looking to conciously use recycled products when possible. Our activities and choices made today will effect the planet for years to come and that is why we are delighted to offer the product to our customers. We expect that they will be very popular with puchasing managers and anyone looking to buy environmentally friendly identity products. Our Eco Friendly Lanyards are produced using recycled plastic – commonly shortened to be called rPET. The process means that the plastic from items that are no longer being required is reused and turned into a new lanyard. This recycled criteria is a key factor when customers are trying to purchase products that fall into the environmentally friendly ‘green’ criteria. Our recycled plastic lanyards are extremely popular for organisations who are actively trying to reduce consumption through recycling. 

We supply custom printed Eco Friendly Lanyards in an array of colours with print in full colour on both sides of the material. The product is also available in plain colours too, with our most popular solid colours being white, black, red, green, blue and yellow. Other solid colours are available upon request, together with the popular ‘rainbow’ style of lanyards, which gives the rainbow effect across the whole surface. Customized Eco Friendly Lanyards can be created to include logos and text in full colour and the finished design is printed onto the surface material using a sublimated technique. For more information on the product or about artwork requirements contact our team. They will reply with a digital proof and also a quote together with any other answers.

Eco Friendly Lanyards

Personalized Recycled Lanyards

Our Eco Friendly Lanyards are a new product to the market and the perfect fit for organisations that are becoming aware of the impact their purchases have on the planet. While many promotional products are made using new virgin materials, our lanyards stand out in that they are made using recycled plastic. Of course this is great news for the planet in that there is less waste and that items are being reused instead of just discarded after use. For people researching about recycled lanyards for events or day to day use, they now are able to purchase a product that fits their requirements. Eco Friendly Lanyards are environmentally friendly and extremely durable which are the factors customers are looking for. To the naked eye there is no difference between a normal lanyard and a recycled lanyard and the quality is identical as such we are confident that the product will match client expectations. Custom Printed Eco Friendly Lanyards can be designed to include logos and text in full colour. This makes it an ideal product to give your organisation exposure whilst at the same time helping the planet too. 

Eco Friendly Lanyards can be ordered by following this link where customers are asked to complete an online form with the main details. If you have a design in mind then you can send that to use via email and we will work on a digital proof. Our customer support team are very responsive and will be able to answer any queries relating to the lanyard. In terms of lead time, production requires about 14 days from confirmation of order and signing off of artwork. A variety of accessories and clips are available with all orders depending on the customer requirements. Contact our sales team now to place your order for recycled lanyards. Not only will they be a great addition to your organisation but they will also benefit the environment. 

Recycled Lanyards

What are Eco Friendly Lanyards made of?

Both our plain and custom printed Eco Friendly Lanyards are manufactured using rPET,. That is the abbreviation and easier way of saying a type of plastic known as recycled polyethlene tetraphyte. It is procuded when old types of plastic materials such as drink bottles and food cartons are mixed together to form a new product. Instead of them being thrown away they are recycled and made into a fresh material that can be reused. While some plastics cannot be recycled, those that can be are then used as the building blocks of the rPET. Various processes are undertaken to turn the old plastic into the new moulded form which is then used to make the lanyards. The process helps the environment by creating new products from old materials and creating less waste. 

Eco Friendly Lanyards are a fully customizable product with any designs to include logos and text in full colour print. The base material is printed on with a process known as dye sublimation – where the design is imprinted on both sides of the lanyard. Customer can chose from a variety of different accessories to attach to the end of the lanyard. Items available include retractable reels, plastic buckles and metal clips. Commonly recycled lanyards are used on a regular basis by organisations and are worn by staff or visitors to regulate access to office buildings or premises.

How much do Recycled Lanyards cost?

Further down this page is a handy price list for Eco Friendly Lanyards, showing the quantity, price and shipping cost. The lanyards, made from rPET material, are for custom printed products and include full colour print on both sides of the material. We understand that each organisation will wish to personalize the lanyard in a different way or style so if you have any particular requests or wish to talk to a sales representative then email and one of the team will get back to you. As per the table, the minimum order for customized lanyards is 100 units due to setup costs. Bulk discount prices are achieved for orders over 500 units and should you be interested in ordering more than 5,000 units please contact us for an individual quote.

Recycled lanyards are a one size fits all product that can be worn by both adults and children. The standard length is 900mm (450 for each side) and the standard width is 20mm. However we can also supply 15mm and 25mm width on request. Our standard accessory with every lanyard includes a black safety breakaway which is not visible when worn. This feature means that should the lanyard get caught in a door, lift, or other dangerous setting it will break off automatically and avoid injury. A range of different accessories are available with Eco Friendly Lanyards including plastic pockets for identification material.

Our Eco Friendly Lanyards pricelist can be seen in the table opposite and it breaks down the various quantities and price including express courier shipping. Production time for custom printed lanyards is appoximately 14 days from the order confirmation. Due to setup costs, the larger the overall order, the cheaper the unit price – meaning that orders over 500 units benefit from discounted rates. Our prices start at just 45c per custom printed recycled lanyard for orders of 5,000 and more.  Contact our sales team today for a quote and no obligation digital proof of how the Eco Friendly Lanyards could look by ordering here. Alternatively you can call us on 830475444 or email on

Quantity Price Shipping
100 € 160 € 19
200 € 265 € 26
300 € 345 € 35
500 € 465 € 56
1000 € 760 € 125
2000 € 1,290 € 225
3000 € 1,740 € 350
5000 € 2,580 € 580
Recycled PET lanyards

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