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Nylon Lanyards in Ireland

Custom Printed Nylon Lanyards in full colour

Only the highest grade material is used when producing personalized nylon lanyards which offer the smoothest finish. Companies looking for the best lanyards in Ireland are best served by the nylon material which is similar to the polyester lanyard but offers a smoother finish with a shiny appearance. The glowing effect makes the lanyard stand out and as such is a great way to get your brand noticed when worn. The product is made by combining a number of synthetic fibres to form a product that is smooth and has reflective qualities.

Customized nylon lanyards have the desirable glossy finish which gives the appearance of the colours really popping out. The nylon threads in the silk screen printing technique allow sharper colours to be used and the overall result is a top quality lanyard. The base material is expensive which explains why nylon lanyards are the most costly of the 4 types of lanyards which we supply. For a full list of all lanyards available and the prices for each type please visit this page for more information. 

Nylon Lanyards
Nylon Lanyards

Not only do custom printed nylon lanyards offer an eye catching finish but they are also extremely durable due to the combined strength of the individual fibres used to make the product. The vertical stripes combine to allow a strong and light weight lanyard which is comfortable to wear for months. These lanyards are at the top end of the market and are popular with businesses who are looking for a product with maximum visual impact. For best results we suggest using a simple one colour logo with text on a flat background. Nylon lanyards incur additional costs for print on both sides of the lanyards as opposed to just one side. To place an order for customized lanyards click here and our sales team will get back to you with a detailed quote and digital proof. 

All of our personalized lanyards no matter the material use are supplied with safety breakaways as standard to ensure the safety of the wearer. Depending on how the lanyards will be used speak to our sales team about the best option for a metal clip or buckle. Additionally we can supply various sizes and style of plastic PVC pockets which are normally used to display ID cards or name badges at conferences. Prices for Nylon lanyards in Ireland can be found below together with some images of clients orders. Delivery time for custom printed nylon lanyards is approximately 10-12 days from confirmation of artwork and payment.

Nylon Lanyardss
Nylon Lanyards2
Nylon Lanyards
Quantity Sublimated Polyester Woven   Nylon  
100 € 140.00 € 150.00 € 200.00 € 200.00
200 € 230.00 € 240.00 € 270.00 € 270.00
300 € 295.00 € 305.00 € 330.00 € 330.00
500 € 400.00 € 405.00 € 435.00 € 435.00
1,000 € 650.00 € 645.00 € 720.00 € 690.00
2,000 € 1,050.00 € 1,020.00 € 1,150.00 € 1,100.00
3,000 € 1,450.00 € 1,375.00 € 1,560.00 € 1,540.00
5,000 € 2,200.00 € 2,050.00 € 2,325.00 € 2,330.00


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