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Plastic Pockets and Badge Holders

Badge Holders and Accessories for Lanyards

Plastic Pockets in Ireland

While lanyards are a mostly standard product in size and style there are a wide variety of different accessories such as Plastic Pockets that are attached to the end of the lanyard. We supply customers with a wide variety of these types of additions and these vary depending on where the lanyard will be worn. The most popular type of accessory are Plastic Pockets which normally display an ID card or some form of credential. Sometimes also called Badge Holders, the plastic material is ideal to wear at events such as trade fairs as it allows delegates to easily display their name, company and sector. The soft clear material is produced in a number of different sizes that allow for ID cards or paper to be inserted inside and identify the wearer. The same idea is often used at offices where the ID card is used to gain entry at security points.

Plastic Pockets are available in a number of different sizes to fit any type of ID card or customized paper. Normally we ask clients to specificy the INTERNAL size that they require and match it as close as possible to the sizes in stock. That being said the most popular size is normally an internal size of 80mm x 60mm which matches the size of a standard credit card. Other sizes are available and the oritentation can be either portrait or landscape for any size. Contact our sales team today for more information and a quote on how Badge holders can be a great accessory for custom printed lanyards to display ID information. 

How much are Lanyard Badge Holders?

There are two main types of plastic pocket available across the market that are commonly purchased alongside lanyards. We explain the two types briefly below and they are different in the form of material that they are made from. Our ‘soft plastic’ pocket is made from very thing plastic that is flexible and usually is used for when paper or carboard is being inserted. Our ‘hard plastic’ pocket is made from hard rigid plastic and this gives it a strong base that is long lasting. It is normally used to fit an ID card or an item that cannot be bent so as to keep it in shape. Of the two types, the softer material is used in the short term for conferences and such likes whereas the harder pocket can be used long term for day to day use. Below find a table of prices for both products at our standard sizes. The INTERNAL size for soft pockets is normally of 80mm x 60mm and the hard name badge has an INTERNAL size of 85mm x 55mm. For any different sizes contact our sales team for a quote and assistance with your order.

We also offer other different accessories that can be attached to the end of custom printed lanyards. Plastic buckles are a great way to attach different items to the lanyard such as water bottles or even mobile phones. Other accessories available to our customers include retractable reels or badge reels and also bottle openers. Contact our team today to discuss any requirements for plastic pockets or any other accessory for your lanyard order. For customers ordering both lanyards and plastic pockets there are discounts on the below prices as combined purchases.

ID Badge Holders
Quantity Soft plastic Hard plastic
100 € 50.00 € 70.00
200 € 90.00 € 120.00
300 € 120.00 € 165.00
500 € 175.00 € 250.00
1,000 € 250.00 € 400.00
2,000 € 400.00 € 640.00
3,000 € 540.00 € 900.00
5,000 € 800.00 € 1,350.00


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