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Customized Lanyards for Schools in Ireland

Custom Printed Lanyards for schools, nurseries and clubs in Ireland

Personalized Lanyards for Schools

We are very proud to supply a large number of schools and other education departments with custom printed Lanyards for Schools that are used on a daily basis. For any school the security of students is hugely important, together of course with the safety of staff members too. The product is used by many establishments to identify those who enter the premises and keep track of any guests. Sometimes plain lanyards can be used for this, but most times Lanyards for Schools are fully customized and include the logo or school name printed onto the material. This has 2 clear benefits in terms of security. First and foremost that no person (adult or child) can enter the premises with a simple plain lanyard from outside of the school. And secondly it allows for teachers to easily identity students who are wearing the lanyards. We offer a huge variety of colours and even some special designs or effects and many schools use this to their advantage. They commonly colour code different age groups or classrooms so that identification is easy by just checking the colour of the lanyard.

Custom printed Lanyards are the ideal identification product for schools in Ireland looking to use a product that is easy to see when worn. It is vital for schools to control entrance and visitor management to the grounds and lanyards tick this box. When visitors or even parents check in at reception they are given a lanyard together with an ID badge that will say VISITOR or GUEST. Personalised School Lanyards are a fantastic way to promote the name of the school and any motto or other message to anyone visiting the premises. 

In many instances Lanyards for Schools in Ireland are supplied together with ID cards so that it is easy to display identity information. For example the ID badge could show the name of the wearer and perhaps what class or age group they are part of. Other extra information can be included on the material such as emergency contact information or fire escape meeting point. While in most cases not applicable for students, but various accessories such as entrance keys or electronic fobs can be attached to the lanyard for school staff. A great way to ensure that important items are not lost and also allows easy access to the premises. Customized lanyards are highly durable and can be worn for months or even years both outdoors and indoors.

Lanyards for Schools

Personalized Education Lanyards

Just as many large office buildings ask visitors to wear a lanyard when entering the premises, many providers of education are also doing the same thing for security purposes. Education Lanyards in Ireland really taken off in recent years and are extremly popular with both staff and students alike. The most common type of lanyards used at venues of education are sublimated lanyards which is a flexible product and allow for both logos and text to be printed in fine detail. The dye sublimation print process means that full colour print is available on both sides of the material – which is free of charge. The fine detail gives off a great effect and the final product can include different effects such as gradients and shadows. Schools who require custom printed lanyards that include their logo, or name or motto in text can create their unique design. Those details will then be visible on each person on a daily basis when the product is worn. While many schools do not choose to do so, recycled lanyards in Ireland are available and made from recycled plastic which is obviously good for the local environment. 

It is our strong recommendation that Lanyards for Schools are ordered with a safety breakaway clip – which we do offer as standard. This part of the lanyard is sewn into the material and is not visible when worn as it is found at the back of the neck of the weaer. The feature ensures that if the lanyard is caught in a lift, door or while playing sport then the lanyard will automatically break off. With the safety of students and also staff being so important at schools this clip is essential. When children are wearing the product with a safety break it gives peace of mind to know that this feature is included. 

Our custom printed Education Lanyards in Ireland are available in a wide variety of colours and with a range of potential accessories. The production time for customized lanyards is 10-14 days due to the initial setup time. Our sales team would be happy to provide a quote and also a digital proof of how the items could look. Please send your required logo / artwork to and we will get back to you. We keep a limited number of plain lanyards in stock for orders on a tight deadline and the colours available are black, white, red, green, blue. Contact us today via email or whatsapp to see how our Lanyards for Schools can work for your school or college.

School Lanyards

What are the best Lanyards for Schools?

Here at Ireland Lanyards we offer four types of material lanyards – and they are all listed at the bottom of the page. Each different material has its benefits and the most important consideration is where and how often the lanyard will be worn. We have been supplying schools and businesses with lanyards for over 5 years and our recommendation for the education sector would be sublimated lanyards. These are very durable and flxible and also lightweight – ideal for use by children. The print finish means a design can be printed on both sides at no extra cost. Sublimated Lanyards for Schools produce a nice shiny/reflective glow when finished which is eye catching. They are very long lasting when taken care of and some people even put them in a washing machine when they inevitably get dirty in the playground or on school outings.

For the cheapest lanyards in Ireland then polyester material would be a suggestion product which is offered in both plain and printed finishes. All of the material used in our products are top quality and we are very proud to offer them to customers across the country – not just in the education sector. Our helpful sales team are available either via email or whatsapp to guide you with any queries you may have about the production process. We can also supply a compimentary visual proof of how the lanyards can look. For a full price list of all lanyards in Ireland click here and compare the various products and prices available. A minimum quantity of 50 units is required for all printed orders. 

Which is the best type of School Lanyards?

As we list below, there are two other types of Lanyards for Schools, however both of them are not ideally suited to this type of use. The first is woven lanyards which are the longest lasting and most durable of the materials. It is made up for various threads sewn (or woven) together to create the finished product in a way similar to a garment of clothing would be. Woven lanyards are relatively heavy when compared to the other types and they extremely durable. They are commonly found in outdoor environments such as delivery drivers or security staff, in places where they are regularly exposed to rain and/or sun. This product is limited in terms of what can be printed and we strongly recommend that only very simple logos or text is used when creating a design for the woven product. Complex designs will not show well in this format. 

The most premium lanyard in Ireland is made from nylon material and this is the most expensive type of finish. Customised nylon lanyards give a distinctive shiny or reflective finish that means they are extremely eye catching and smooth to touch. They are similar to sublimated material but are more expensive, which is why we tend to recommend the former. While they are very attractive when worn the additional cost is sometimes prohibitive for schools on a budget. For any type of Lanyards for Schools you require we can recommend and supply a customized product to include logos and text. We also offer the plastic pocket for identification material as an added item for all orders.

Click on any of the types of lanyards below and read more information about each material type and how lanyards can work for your event or business. 

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