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Plain and Personalized Lanyards in Ireland

Ireland Lanyards is proud to be a leading supplier of both plain and custom printed Lanyards in Ireland to local businesses and organisations who use them to easily identify staff or groups. Identity solution products have become hugely popular in recent years with the adoption of open plan offices and increase in business conferences. Lanyards, also known as neck straps, offer a simple yet effective way of identification for all types of occasions including offices, banks and any customer facing industries. Businesses can ensure the security of their premises by ensuring that all staff are identified by wearing lanyards and similarly the general public can be safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with authentic representatives of an organisation wearing a lanyard. Many local companies provide staff with custom printed lanyards which display their ID card and/or security keys to enter the premises. This is especially true with large office blocks who share common areas or facilities and often use the building out of office hours. As part of the Wristbands Ireland group, we have over a decade of experience in the identity solutions field and are uniquely equipped to provide you with the cheapest lanyards in Ireland. Our top quality customized lanyards are offered in different sizes in terms of width of 15mm, 20mm or 25mm and come with an array of clips and fastenings. The four most common lanyard materials are all available via our website and those are satin, nylon, sublimation and woven. For most customers, the best material is sublimated lanyards as this offers both a smooth finish and fine detail when printing logos and text. Both custom printed and plain lanyards are available in any pantone colour and are durable meaning that they can be worn for months or even years. Apart from being found in general office settings they are also ideal for charity events and also for identifying staff or guests such as at music festivals, conferences, trade fairs and any corporate event. 

Organisations find personalized lanyards the perfect product for staff as they offer a great solution for identification whilst also acting as a free advert for the business. Many modern offices in Dublin and major cities now require electronic fobs to gain access and lanyards are the ideal way for staff to keep the fob safe and on them at all times. The safety of staff and clients is a priority for all businesses and we recommend to all clients that safety breakaway clips are installed on all lanyards as standard. This important security feature ensures that should the lanyard become trapped it will break at the centre and means injuries are avoided. This is particularly important in surroundings with moving parts such as factories and office settings with escalators and/or elevators. Of course plain lanyards in Ireland offer the same benefit of holding either identification or keys but custom printed lanyards offer the chance to include a company logo or text too. Dip into the marketing budget and opt for customized lanyards that will be worn and displayed on a daily basis, rather than wasting money on branded pens or t-shirts that may be used once or twice and then discarded. Our sales team will guide you through the initial process of choosing the best lanyard material and creating a design that will maximize the exposure for your brand and reach an audience all across Ireland. The printable area of a lanyard is large and our design team will suggest to either have a simple artwork repeated across the printable area or different components such as logo together with a website or contact details. Visual proofs can be adjusted and altered to ensure that the lanyard reflects your business and its intended message. are on hand to assist and come up with a visual proof that reflects your business and its intended message. Cheap customized lanyards in Ireland are becoming an extremely popular promotional item for small and medium sized businesses and are ideal to hold ID cards, keys, mobile phones, and even NFC fobs.

Sublimated Lanyard

Lanyards in Ireland FAQs

For more information about our products and questions such as sizes, dimensions, artworks and other queries please visit our Frequently asked Questions page which has all the answers you are looking for. 

Custom Printed Lanyards in Ireland

Ireland Lanyards is a dedicated website offering plain and printed lanyards for local organisations looking to provide staff with a permanent identity solution. The company falls under the larger Wristbands Ireland group which has been operating in the Irish market for a number of years supply customers with all types of wristbands. We have access to top quality products and supply chains meaning we can supply cheap customized lanyards in Ireland at the best prices and at short notice. Corporate clients have become very popular in recent years as they look for a product to identity staff internally and also at external events such as business conferences and trade fairs. We offer plastic PVC pockets in a variety of sizes which are used to place identification material together with the lanyards on request. 

With our express production and shipping options we estimate the delivery time on personalized lanyards in Ireland to be approximately 10-12 days from confirmation of artwork and payment. We stock plain lanyards in a selected number of colours for immediate dispatch and these are normally delivered in 1-3 days. To contact us and order your custom printed lanyards either email us the information and logos/artwork to and our sales team will get back to you with a visual proof and quote. Due to setup costs, the minimum order for customized lanyards is 100 units and the minimum order for plain lanyards is 20 units. Click here for more information on the types of lanyard materials and prices on plain and custom printed lanyards in Ireland. 

What are Sublimated Lanyards?


  • Also called heat transfer lanyards
  • The cheapest + most popular lanyard on the market
  • Fast production and delivery time
  • Prints logos and designs in very fine detail
  • Soft and smooth feel when worn
  • Either single or double sided print
  • Double sided print at no extra cost
  • Versatile and ideal for many occasions 

What are Woven Lanyards?


  • Various threads sewn together to produce lanyard 
  • Technique similar to making a festival wristband 
  • Extremely durable material and long lasting lanyard
  • Limited designs to simple logos or text only
  • Design can only include limited number of colours
  • Print available only on one side
  • Relatively expensive unit cost for smaller orders
  • Long lasting top quality product for simple designs

What are Polyester Lanyards?


  • Made from many vertical stripes across the product
  • Cheapest lanyard available on the market
  • Popular due to price point and production time
  • Ideal for designs in one colour only
  • Vertical stripes can be felt when worn 
  • 2 sided print available at additional cost
  • Cheap unit price for small orders up to 500 units
  • Ideal for organisations on a tight budget

What are Nylon Lanyards?


  • Same style as polyester but smoother flatter finish 
  • Subtle vertical lines when compared to polyester 
  • Finish brings about a reflective effect
  • Highest quality product and detailed print
  • Soft and smooth to touch when worn 
  • 2 sided print available at added expense 
  • Relatively expensive unit cost for all quantities 
  • Best quality lanyard material for simple designs

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