There are a lot of lanyards out there to choose from, and it can be difficult to decide what’s right for your brand. In this blog, we look at our most popular ranges and into some of the lanyard trends. The product has become very popular in recent years by large companies and office blocks looking to ensure the security of the building. Custom printed lanyards in Ireland are a great way to get your brand noticed. See below some key points to consider before placing any orders.

Our best-selling items:

Sublimated Lanyards

It’s a high-quality, durable, long-lasting promotional product that lasts for several years! It is worth the investment as it can lead to more sales for your organisation in the future! It attracts attention and increases exposure for your business whenever the item is worn and seen. Your printed sublimation lanyard gives off a professional look and feel and the logos and print will show clearly across the surface material.

You’ve invested in your brand. But now it’s time to take it to the next level. You have a clever idea, and some solid concepts for your logo, and you have the confidence to move forward with it. And you want to show off your ideas, but you don’t want your customers to see your ideas before they order from you.

Sublimated Lanyards

Your solution is custom sublimation printing of lanyards. These are effective ways to send your message out to your customers without them seeing what you’ve printed on the lanyards until they order one.

Lanyards are an effective promotional product that can be used to promote business products or services. They are lightweight and allow for print in fine detail to include logos and even gradient or shadow effects. Customers can get Dye sub lanyards printed on both sides of the material at no extra cost.

Polyester lanyards

Flat polyester lanyards are a highly recommended choice for custom lanyards thanks to their durability. The matte finish with a silkscreen or lithographic printing method allows for multiple color transfers with no risk of the design fading or rubbing off.

They are the most cost-effective choice for large bulk orders if you are on a budget, yet still provide comfort for the wearer and excellent reproduction of your design. We would advise choosing this lanyard material for ID card holders and carrying practical items as they can be fitted with all styles of clips and accessories.

Polyester Lanyards

What does a polyester lanyard offer?

  • Flat polyester with a ribbed texture
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Best prices when purchasing in bulk quantities

Although polyester lanyards can only have a print or design on one side, they are a convenient option if you’re looking to purchase them in bulk. However, they are also available with a personalised design. They are manufactured to last a long time, so they provide excellent value for money without sacrificing any customisation you require.

Woven lanyards

Woven lanyards are the most durable type of lanyard and can be worn for months and even years. They are made from various threads that are woven together to form the final product. This heavy-duty lanyard is ideal for use in outdoor settings for industries such as delivery drivers or any staff that visit customers at their homes such as repair crew. It is a very strong product and feels like an item of clothing to touch. The back side of the material is normally not customized as it shows the back side of the threads.

Woven Lanyards

Woven lanyards are limited in terms of what can be included in the customization and we recommend only using simple designs such as text. Intricate logos or background styles will not show clearly with this type of finish. But what it lacks in flexibility in terms of design it makes up for in durability. The longest lasting lanyard is definitely the woven finish and the item can be washed if it gets dirty.

Threaded lanyards are ideal for organisations who have a simple design in mind and who are looking for a durable strong product. The price is towards the upper end of the scale but it is a very long lasting item.

Nylon lanyards

Nylon lanyards are versatile accessories that can be used by all types of organisations and in many different types of situations. These lanyards are considered a premium product and are available in all colours and sizes. Therefore, whether you want one for your kids or for your professional needs, you’ll be able to find something that fits your needs and stands out from the crowd.

  • Perfect for summertime: the light, cool feeling of the nylon material is perfect for hot days out on the beach or at the pool.
  • Durable: The durable nylon material means that the lanyard can be worn for weeks and months without showing signs or wear.
  • Fun: Nylon is fun because it wraps around your wrist or leg and looks great with anything in your wardrobe.
  • Convenient and lightweight: Nylon just feels good to lean on, and it’s not as heavy as a metal chain, so you’ll feel better using a lanyard.
  • Easy to pack: nylon lanyards are light and easy to carry in any pocket, purse, or backpack.
  • Attractive: Nylon lanyards look great with any outfit and are easy to match to a color scheme.
  • Bright colors: black, blue, green, red, and many others are available in this nylon lanyard finish.
Nylon lanyards

Nylon lanyards can be fun for adults and kids alike. If you’re an adult, you can use these to hold keys or straps of your bag on your wrist while running or hiking. These lightweight lanyards are great for professionals as well. This is whether you’re a teacher carrying notes home from school or an engineer needing to keep track of various bits of computer equipment at work.

We’re proud to say that we now have one of the largest selections of lanyards in Ireland available. If you’re looking for a customised lanyard to promote your business, marketing campaign, or event, then our lanyards are suitable for you. Our printed options are manufactured with top-quality materials and shipped out as fast as possible in order to provide our customers with the finest customer service possible!

If you have questions about our range or wish to discuss your needs further, please get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!