Lanyards are a widely used accessory in a variety of settings, from workplaces and schools to events and conventions. They are made from different materials, and you can get custom printed lanyards. However, the environmental impact of lanyards has become a growing concern as more people become aware of the need for sustainable practices.


One of the main concerns with traditional lanyards is the materials used to make them. Many lanyards are made from synthetic materials, which can take many years to break down in the environment. This means that when a lanyard is discarded, it will remain in the environment indefinitely, contributing to plastic pollution and litter.

Another issue with traditional lanyards is the manufacturing process. The production of synthetic materials requires large amounts of energy and generates greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. Additionally, many lanyards are manufactured in developing countries, where environmental regulations may be lax, and waste disposal may not be managed appropriately.

Sustainable Lanyards



There are several sustainable alternatives to traditional lanyards that can be used instead. One of the most popular options is the use of biodegradable materials, such as bamboo or hemp. These natural and renewable materials break down much faster than synthetic materials, reducing their environmental impact.



Another option is the use of recycled materials in lanyards. Recycled nylon, polyester, and even plastic bottles are increasingly used in lanyard production. This not only reduces the need for new raw materials but also helps to keep plastic waste out of landfills and the environment.


A third alternative is the use of organic cotton, which is a sustainable and renewable resource. Cotton lanyards are soft, durable, and easy to clean. It is also a natural, biodegradable material that can be produced without the use of harmful chemicals.


Another advanced way to reduce the environmental impact of lanyards is to choose Nylon lanyards or Polyester lanyards with a long lifespan. Some lanyards are designed to be reusable, with detachable attachments that can be easily swapped out. This means that the lanyard itself can be used over and over again.


When it comes to disposing of lanyards, it is important to properly recycle or dispose of them to minimize their impact on the environment. Many organizations are now implementing recycling programs for lanyards, either by collecting them at events or by providing a drop-off location for used lanyards.

Recycling conference lanyards is an excellent approach to reducing large event waste. Here are a few ways to recycle conference lanyards:

  • Donate lanyards to schools or other organizations that can use them for identification or other purposes.
  • Cut the lanyards into smaller pieces and use them as tie-downs or fasteners.
  • Use the lanyards as plant ties in a garden or greenhouse.
  • Cut the lanyards into strips and use them as rubber bands or hair ties.
  • Recycle the lanyards through a local recycling program that accepts textiles.
  • Use the lanyards as pet toys by tying knots and allowing pets to play and chew on them.
  • Repurpose the lanyards as bookmarks or other small household items.
  • Donate the lanyards to a local thrift store or craft store, where they may be able to be repurposed or sold to someone who can use them.
  • Use the lanyards as wristbands for events or parties.
  • Cut the lanyards into small pieces and use them as stuffing for pillows or stuffed animals.

Sustainable Lanyards: Overall

In conclusion, lanyards are a widely used accessory, but their environmental impact has become a concern. There are a number of sustainable alternatives to traditional lanyards, such as biodegradable materials, recycled materials, organic cotton, and long-lasting lanyards. It is important to choose sustainable options and properly dispose of lanyards to minimize their impact on the environment.

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