Colours can have a powerful impact on our thoughts and emotions, and businesses are well aware of this fact. Many companies use colour psychology to strategically promote their brand and stand out from their competitors. Popular colours of Lanyards convey different messages and evoke certain emotions. For example, bright colours such as red and yellow can be used to grab attention and make the lanyard stand out. In contrast, more subdued colours such as blue and green can be used to create a sense of professionalism and reliability.


Some Popular colours of Lanyards are:


Black is a classic and versatile color that can be used for any type of event or organization. It creates a sense of professionalism and elegance.


Blue is a popular color choice for custom printed lanyards as it is associated with trust, reliability, and professionalism. It is often used by businesses and organizations.


Red is a vibrant and attention-grabbing color that can be used to make a statement. It’s often used for event lanyards, trade shows, and conference lanyards.


Green is a popular color choice for lanyards associated with environmentalism, sustainability, and eco-friendliness.


Yellow is a cheerful colour that can be used to grab attention and create a sense of positivity. It is often used in lanyards for events, festivals, and trade shows.



White is a classic and timeless color that can be used to create a clean and modern look.

Of course, these are just famous examples, and the choice of colour for lanyards will depend on the event or organization and the message they want to convey.

Popular colours of Lanyards


Lanyards play a dominant role in branding because they are one of the most noticeable things you see in an organization or event. They can be worn by employees, attendees, or participants, making them a visible and effective marketing tool.

Deciding on lanyard colour lists top when placing an order for a lanyard. Popular colours of Lanyards convey a message, evoke certain emotions, and create associations in the minds of consumers.

Let’s discuss how selecting the right lanyard is a vital aspect of brand promotion.

Firstly, lanyards can be customized to include a company or event logo, name, or message. This helps to create brand awareness and increase visibility for the organization or event.

Secondly, lanyards can also be used to convey a message or promote a specific cause. For example, an organization can use a green lanyard to promote environmentalism or a pink lanyard to promote breast cancer awareness.

Thirdly, Lanyards also serve as a form of identification. They are used to identify attendees, employees, or participants, making them a useful tool for security and organization.

Lastly, the choice of lanyard colour and design can be used to align with the branding and overall image of the organization or event. Using colours and designs that match the brand helps to create a cohesive look and increase brand recognition.


Lanyards are important for product promotion, visual representation of an organization or event, and brand identification. As a lanyard company in Ireland, we know the importance of selecting the appropriate colours when designing and branding your lanyards and promotional items. For example, if a company has a blue and yellow colour scheme, it can use blue and yellow lanyards to match its branding and create a unified yet unique look. Or if your staff likely wears uniforms, incorporating a bold and vibrant colour for a lanyard matching the uniform colour or wearable item may seem like an excellent idea.

Lanyard is a major element that aligns with the organization’s branding. Right colors lanyards can take the theme or branding of an event or organization to the next level.

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