Lanyards are commonly seen in the office and school settings, where they are used to carry identification cards and proximity cards. Lanyards are also common at trade shows, conventions, conferences, and other similar events, adorned with the organiser’s and participants’ names, logos, and mottos. In this article we will take a look at Polyester vs Nylon Lanyard.

Lanyard: What is it?

A lanyard is a cloth necklace made from a soft material such as polyester, plastic, or cotton. It has a clip or attachment at the bottom that holds keys, ID badges, and other small items like USB drives and flashlights. 

Lanyards are a relatively new invention, given these various modern applications. Lanyards appear to have been used as early as the 15th century by the French military, who attached them semi-permanently to their uniforms so soldiers could carry essentials such as whistles and guns. The word “lanyard” comes from the Old French word lanière, which means “to strap.” 

Polyester lanyards: what are they?

Polyester lanyards are highly recommended for custom lanyards due to their durability. The matt finish with a silkscreen or lithographic printed method allows for multiple colour transfers without fading or rubbing off. 

In addition to being the most cost-effective choice for those on a low budget. They also provide excellent reproduction of your design while providing comfort for the wearer. Since these lanyards can be fitted with any style of clip or accessory, we recommend them for ID card holders and carrying practical items. 

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What are the advantages of polyester lanyards? 

  • Flat polyester fabric with ribbed edges
  • Suitable for spot colour printing 
  • A comfortable fit
  • A durable product
  • Easily washable

If you’re looking for bulk lanyards with a customised design but want to avoid buying them in bulk, polyester lanyards are a great option. Their durability makes them excellent value for money without compromising on customisation. 

Nylon lanyards: what are they?

Nylon lanyards are an excellent choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. Its glossy, silky smooth finish ensures a bright, vibrant finish to your design, and any branding, colour, or logo you choose to personalise your lanyards will be accentuated.

Polyester vs Nylon Lanyard - Which is Better?

Lanyards made of strong “flat weave” nylon with a smooth ribbed appearance are durable and top-quality. In most cases, the material is gloss, and the printing method is silkscreen or lithographic, which allows for multiple colour transfers. The colours can also be matched to your specifications. 

What are the benefits of nylon lanyards?

  • Smooth ribbed nylon with a glossy finish
  • Make your mark on the crowd 
  • Colour reproduction that is vibrant and bright 
  • Double-sided printing
  • A durable product
  • Easily washable

The nylon lanyard is ideal if you are looking for lanyards for marketing, branding, or promotional purposes. The designs can be printed on both sides, ensuring maximum visibility. Despite being more expensive than polyester lanyards, they are still excellent value for money if you want exposure. 

Polyester vs nylon lanyard- which is better

Polyester vs nylon lanyard- which is better? As far as lanyards are concerned, there is no clear winner between the two materials. With their lustrous finish, nylon lanyards can be eye-catching, but polyester lanyards last longer. Polyester lanyards might be a better choice if your budget is tight since they are cheaper than nylon. 

Polyester Lanyards for an Inexpensive yet Premium Look

Polyester lanyards are the most popular type in terms of aesthetics, quality, and affordability. In addition to being durable, versatile, and easy to customise, it is a mainstay of the lanyard industry. Most businesses and organisations that use lanyards in their everyday operations use polyester because it is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. 

The print area on polyester lanyards is also larger. This allows more detailed graphics and elaborate fonts to be used in the design. Text and logos are printed clearly and crisply on the lanyard through silk screening. Multicolour designs are also possible if you choose. Since polyester is non-absorbent, you can be sure that the dimensions and colours of the invention will be accurately reproduced since ink won’t soak into the fabric.

Lanyards made of nylon are the standout choice

Lanyards made of polyester and nylon are very similar, although nylon is thicker and yet finer at the same time. Furthermore, nylon has a natural sheen, so if you want your lanyards to look sleek and shiny, use nylon. You’ll get a higher value for your money with a nylon lanyard.

A nylon lanyard is the best option if you have an intricate logo or other designs. In addition to being more flexible, more durable, and weather-resistant, nylon makes an excellent choice for lanyards used outside. Nylon also has a high tear strength, making it ideal for lanyards subjected to rough treatment, such as in sports. 

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