A lanyard is an excellent choice for securing important items such as keys, ID cards, and credit cards. It is not simple to confine them to one location, and it is not difficult for them to wander off and get lost. Wearing the product can make sure that you do not lose keys – and then have to change various locks. Similarly, attach your card holder to the lanyard and ensure that you do not lose your credit card – and have to cancel all the cards you have!

As someone who spends a significant amount of time in educational institutions like schools and colleges, you can frequently come across ID card holders that have been misplaced or forgotten somewhere. Students frequently forget to bring their identification cards to school because they cannot locate them in their homes. Custom printed lanyards in Ireland have become extremely common in the last year or two – especially after COVID. The product was used to separate groups and keep different classes and age groups away from each other.

In any scenario, educational institutions do not wish to be held liable for students who become lost or injured while on campus. Additionally, if an individual poses a risk to the community, it is only natural for places of business and educational institutions to wish to identify that person as soon as possible. The use of lanyards in a classroom institution is particularly beneficial. There are a variety of applications for them, such as students and staff members carrying identification cards or custodians juggling many keys.

The easiest approach to managing thousands of students and staff members is to strictly always enforce the wearing of identification. If you don’t want to always keep your identification card in your hand, using a lanyard is the obvious choice to make. After a few days, you will not even notice the item hanging around your neck and it displays the ID badge perfectly in the middle of the chest. It helps with identification but also helps prevent the loss of important items.

Who Cares About Lanyards?

Everyone at the college, including students, faculty, and staff, can benefit from having lanyards. Lanyards can be monitored by faculty and staff members in the classroom or office to ensure that all students and employees always have their IDs on them. Lanyards that serve as friendly reminders to parents and students of future activities and due dates can be made by schools. It is possible for parents to become unaware of what is going on at their child’s school if they do not have a lanyard like this.

Lanyards are trending

These days, lanyards are a common sight in schools and colleges all around the world. Students can use them to store their identification cards for activities such as sports, lunch, or any other school/college activity that requires students to present identification. Conference badges, convention passes, and IDs for various types of events can all be attached to lanyards with the various clips and buckles that are available.

Lanyards are not only economical but also long-lasting and come in a wide variety of colors. They are also a convenient way to attach your identification card or badge to your key chain, allowing you to keep it close at hand at all times. They are offered in a range of sizes, which enables them to accommodate most people. The standard version is one that you can wear around your neck when you are wearing a jacket or other item of clothing. This is especially useful when you just need to have your ID card out of your wallet or purse. There are also smaller types that easily fit into your pocket. In some models, there is a slot on the side for an ID badge holder. This allows you to thread an ID card through the slot and keep it safely in your possession while you work.

How to Look Cool Wearing a Lanyard in schools and colleges

Lanyards are useful items to have about you whether you are out with friends or venturing out on your own. This might be attached to a keychain, an ID badge holder, a school pass, or anything else that requires you to have access to it without using your hands. They are especially useful at summer camps when campers have a great deal of gear that they need to juggle and store. This is because they need to move quickly from one activity to the next and it is one less thing to think about.

Benefits of using lanyards in schools and colleges

Lanyards are among the most useful accessories. This is because they allow you to hang your keychain around your neck instead of having to fish it out of your pocket or bag every time you need it. In addition, lanyards give students at schools and colleges the ability to wear their identification badges in a variety of different ways without any fuss. They can be strung together to form a necklace, or they can be attached to a lanyard holder. There are various benefits of using lanyards at school and college such as:


The primary function of a lanyard is to serve as an identification aid. Its purpose is to display the user’s identification card in a way that is visible to those around them. Lanyards, however, have uses beyond simply holding identification cards. They are, in and of themselves, identifiers. For instance, pupils and staff could wear lanyards of a particular color, but visitors to the school could wear lanyards of a different hue. Similarly students in one class or age group could wear a different colour to those from a different class.

Safety and security:

In many schools, safety and protection of students are key concerns. There have been multiple instances of bad and even catastrophic events taking place in the vicinity of various schools. While in Europe these incidents are thankfully very rare, it is still very important to ensure the safety of the school boundary.

As a direct consequence of these incidents, the administrations of schools all over the world are stepping up their level of monitoring and instituting additional safety precautions. This is in order to protect their employees and, most importantly, their pupils. Customized lanyards are a great visual way to easily identify pupils and guests.

Lanyards are useful pieces of identification equipment, as was described earlier. If everyone associated with the school wears lanyards, anyone who is not wearing a lanyard will be immediately visible. Students can report them to the appropriate school officials, who will then do a safety check on them.


Wearing a lanyard with your school’s name and logo emblazoned on it is one way to demonstrate school spirit. This is analogous to the practice of donning school colors when competing in athletic events. One of the most obvious ways to demonstrate your support for the school or your association with it is by wearing a lanyard around your neck. Sublimated lanyards can even match their colours to the school colour scheme.

How to wear a lanyard in schools and colleges?

There are two methods to do this: either by attaching it to a keychain or a pass holder. If you would rather wear a keychain, you may easily do so by threading it through one of the loops on your lanyard. Simply wrap the lanyard around one of your wrists and then tie it in a knot. This will allow you to wear your student ID card or even a key when you go back to school.

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to the colors, designs, sizes, and materials available for lanyards for schools and universities. The most common material used to produce lanyards is nylon because of its long-lasting nature and its adaptability. Other popular material is polyester which has the silk screen print method to add logos and text.

Overall, it becomes evident that lanyards have a crucial role to play in a school and college setting. From security measures to instilling school pride, the use of lanyards clearly goes beyond just holding an ID. To get top-quality lanyards order now from Ireland Lanyards and speak to our sales team who will be glad to help. Either give us a call on 830475444 or send us an email on info@wristbandsireland.com. Our 5* review from customers on Trustpilot shows that our service and product is top quality.