The season for music festivals is quickly approaching, and planning is likely already underway. Have you considered how you’ll use lanyards at your event? In this blog, we examine how to make the most of festival lanyards in terms of branding, sponsorship, and security.

Large-scale events require a lot of staff, including temporary workers you might not usually use or know. You can be certain that the appropriate individuals are in the proper places since lanyards make it easy to identify people at a glance. Perhaps you have third party staff operating at entrances or at bars – you can supply them with coloured lanyards to make it easy to manage the situation.

Your security team will need to use this information to make sure that only approved individuals are allowed access to certain areas of the festival, for example lanyards for the backstage areas. Customers of the festival will be able to recognize accredited staff simply by looking at the lanyard and accompanying ID card that are being worn.

If you wish to allocate different colors to roles or “zones,” plain lanyards work incredibly well. However, you can also customise your lanyard with logos of the event and include other information such as text or icons. You might decide to have it printed with your logo and in your company colors for better brand recognition. And some festival organisers even include headline sponsor logos on the lanyards for added brand exposure.

Having your employees recognised is advantageous for many reasons beyond security. It’s helpful for event attendees as well because they need to be able to identify the correct person to ask for assistance in the event they require that. Overall, lanyards are a useful tool for ensuring the success of your event.

Have you considered providing lanyards for guests at your event? They are commonly use to identify attendees who should or shouldn’t be in a certain area. Control access easily by asking them to wear their tickets or “access permits” around their necks. Our PVC pouches can accommodate printed cards and paper of various sizes, and because they are transparent, the contents are still visible. It also acts as free advertising as the lanyards will be visible in any photos or videos taken and then uploaded to social media.

We also offer various lanyard styles and other accessories. If you’re thinking about selling lanyards to guests, you might want to think about including a custom attachment, such as:

  • Lip balm
  • Carabiner
  • Whistle
  • Much more

Your lanyard is more likely to be used again if you add a useful accessory to it. This is beneficial for raising brand awareness, which will improve event promotion and ticket sales for future events.

Improving the visibility of your festival lanyards can be done in a number of ways, including selling branded merchandise to attendees. Aside from the usual items such as t-shirts and hats why not consider adding lanyards as a product that is sold with your branding on. It is a relatively cheap item to sell and as it is small and lightweight has a great chance of being kept by customers and used well after the festival takes place.

With our personalised lanyards, getting sponsors for your event is simple and can contribute significantly to its financial success. You will be given the choice to either provide your own finalised artwork or have it created by us when you order your lanyards. Simply send us the logos and text you want to include and the colour scheme and we can prepare a digital proof for you.

It’s difficult to build something that fits in the constrained area of a lanyard. We are available to help if you need it because we have experience doing just that. Keep the message simple with just the most important details included such as event name, date and venue.

We have the following advice if you really want to make your sponsor’s logo stand out.
  • Keep your design minimal, and give bold elements top priority.
  • To make it visible from a distance, use contrasting colors.
  • For a professional appearance, use only one typeface.
Our top ideas for Festival lanyards are as follows:

1. Lanyards that are bright and eye catching

These lanyards, which are part of our designer collection, will be extremely popular with event guests. This is since they will want to party well after the sun has set and the bright colours are visible at night. A neon coloured lanyard will really stand out when worn and show in photos and videos of the event.

2. Dual-purpose lanyards

If you intend to sell some of the space to sponsors, our dye-sublimated lanyards (this is a type of print technique) can be printed on both sides. It allows for very detailed and fine print and is ideal for festival lanyards with intricate designs.

3. Staff lanyards

Consider purchasing basic lanyards if you require them in a hurry. They work best when combined with a lanyard card holder to give temporary employees identification.

Additionally, they come in a variety of colors to match your branding. These plain lanyards are often in stock and can be sent out in just a few days with express shipping.

Personalised lanyard orders come with the following additional benefits:

  • Attached around the neck area on each lanyard, a safety break
  • Trigger clips are made of standard metal
  • Creation and edits of a design
  • Digital proof for approval

For your peace of mind, we include safety breaks on every lanyard we produce. The safety break will snap open and release the lanyard if it becomes tangled with something or is pulled, protecting the wearer from harm.

More information about Ireland Lanyards

Since we founded Ireland Lanyards in 2017, we have amassed a staff of business experts that make it simple to choose the ideal lanyard. We have clients all over the world and supply a number of popular music festivals and venues.

Understanding what our customers want to accomplish is the first step in ensuring they get the most out of their bespoke lanyards. From design to delivery, we’ll collaborate with you to discover a solution that suits your company.

Security at your event must be maintained, but lanyards provide much more than just worker identification. We can assist you in utilizing this adaptable marketing tool, whether your goal is to raise brand awareness or generate money. Get in touch with our experts right away and place your plain or custom printed lanyard order with us at