Some people are looking for a product but they are not sure of what to search for – because they do not know exactly what it is called. An example of this is with the Lanyard Neck Strap, which is quite a niche product and one that sometimes can cause confusion as to what the actual name is. The item is worn around the neck and often times displays an identity badge or some other item at the end. They can commonly be found at large offices or at university campuses and are available in a variety of colours and also different thickness. Lanyard Neck Strap’s have become very popular in recent years and is a great way for companies or organisations to get some added exposure when the item is worn by staff or members. See below some commonly asked questions about the product and be sure to check out our product pages for more information.

What is a Lanyard Neck Strap?

The item is made from different materials and is worn around the neck to form a device that can hold items. It makes it convenient to carry things such as keys, electronic fobs or ID cards. The full definition can be found from Wikipedia by visiting this page which outlines the history of the product and its modern day uses. The Lanyard Neck Strap is available in 4 types of material; polyester, dye sublimated, woven and nylon. The lightweight product can be produced in a range of colours and also different width such as 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. The standard length is 900mm in total length, with 450mm on the left hand side and 450mm on the right hand side. Our personalised lanyards come with a safety break at the back of the item which means if it gets caught or stuck in a moving object it will just break off. This is a very important safety feature!

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How much are Lanyard Neck Straps?

There are different prices depending on the material chosen and also if there are any specific accessories to be included with the product. As standard our lanyards are supplied with a safety break and a metal claw, but there are other buckles and clips that can be added. At the bottom of this page is an image with the different types of accessories that can be ordered on request. This page gives a summary of the prices for each type of material and the shipping costs involved. The minimum order for any customized lanyards is 50 units, with bulk discounts on orders over 500 units. The cheapest Lanyard Neck Strap in Ireland is the sublimated lanyard which allows for print in full colour on both sides of the material. Nylon material is the most expensive and offers a premium finish for those looking to really stand out.

What material is used to make lanyards?

The most common material used in the production of lanyards is polyester. It is is lightweight and strong and very durable, making it ideal to be worn daily. We supply many plain lanyards to customers and the material is made from polyester and has the relevant attachments sewn onto it. Our plain neck straps are available in a wide variety of colours such as red, white, blue, green, black and yellow. Another type of material used to make lanyards is the woven finish which is made by combining a number of different threads to create the final product. This finish is the most durable type and can be worn for months and even years. It is similar to touch like a garment of clothing due to the woven threads being meshed together. This type of finish is only suitable for very simple designs and is not recommended for logos or complex effects.

What is the best type of lanyard?

The best type of lanyard will depend on how you intend to use the lanyard and the environment it will be worn in. For most cases our recommendation is the sublimated lanyard – as it is very well priced and allows for all sorts of printed logos and designs to be printed. The base colour of the lanyard is made to match and is not limited in anyway. The best Lanyard Neck Strap in Ireland is definitely sublimated for about 90% of customers from our experience. For those who will use the lanyard in an outdoor setting and have a simple design then sometimes woven is the best option as it is the most heavy duty. Speak to our sales team today and they will be able to offer their guidance and advice on the matter to ensure the lanyard matches your requirements. We can also make suggestions as to the type of accessory and if you need any badge holders or other items to be attached to the lanyard.

How can I order Lanyard Neck Straps?

The easiest way is to order lanyards via this link which you can fill in and it will alert our sales team. Alternatively simply drop us an email on with your details and our team will get back to you. Please include details such as the colour of the lanyard, the quantity, any logos or text needed and other important details. Production time for personalized lanyards is about 10-14 days. If your deadline is sooner than that, we can supply plain lanyards in just 1-2 days with our express service. Let us know the colour and quantity you require and we will send these out to you straight away. We look forward to assisting you with your Lanyard Neck Strap order and give us a call if we can help on 830475444.

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