Ready to rethink your lanyard habits? You need to get out of your old ones if you want a green start this year. Eco-friendly lanyards are perfect for all occasions, and now it’s easier than ever to make them with tons of sustainable options available online or at your local retailer. They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today. So order your eco friendly lanyard in Ireland today and show off your great product whilst knowing it is made from recycled material and not harming the planet.

The materials themselves are usually less toxic than traditional materials and the best part is that nobody would even notice the difference between lanyards made from virgin plastic and lanyards made from recycled plastic. There is no visible difference to the naked eye and the material is smooth to touch and shows logos and prints in vibrant colours. It doesn’t get much better than that. Not only will you look original in your new product, but you can feel confident in both the volume of reusable items on hand and the impact they’ll have on the environment long after they’ve served their purpose.

Eco Friendly Lanyards

The best part is, you’ll be helping to make the world a greener, healthier place. That’s more than enough motivation to get started! Before we go any further, let’s review some of the advantages you can gain from going green when ordering eco-friendly lanyards in Ireland:

  • You’re reducing waste by using reusable or recycled lanyards with your event attendees.
  • You’re driving interest in eco-friendly products and fashions by featuring them at your event or business – and can inform others about the product.
  • Build loyalty among customers who notice how your industry is becoming greener with every order and then become loyal customers themselves!
  • Your event will be remembered by attendees who’ll continue to use the lanyards for long after the event, or feel proud to represent your brand.
  • You’re saving money in the long run by using these products which are often cheaper than conventional ones and never have to be thrown away or recycled.
  • All of this is good news for the environment, too. The last thing you need is more waste cluttering up landfills and rivers across the globe!

Now let’s move on to the process of ordering your eco-friendly lanyards. You’ve seen the advantages and how they can help you! But how do you make recycled lanyards?

Here’s a 3-step guide to ordering sustainable lanyards:

Choose your style – There are many different styles of lanyards out there, ranging from simple neck straps to fancy badge holders. After much research, we’ve chosen our favorite material and finished as dye sublimated polyester. The most eco-friendly lanyards to wear around the neck are ideal for daily use and there are also different types such as under-brace or under-collar lanyards which are also popular choices these days. We’ve seen these versions often used by employees of corporations that promote a green agenda.

Order your lanyards online – It’s easy to find a supplier online that offers wholesale prices on eco-friendly lanyards, and now there’s no reason not to take advantage of these deals! Ireland Lanyards offers a wide range of different types of products including the all important ecofriendly lanyards with customized print.

Hopefully, this guide will help you decide if the products are a good fit for your industry or brand. Now that you know how to make them, why not start experimenting with different eco-friendly lanyard designs for your next event? It’s a great way to advertise your organization or business and not only get your brand exposed but also do it in an environmentally friendly way too.

Eco Friendly Lanyards

Some of the top eco-friendly lanyards out there include:

These days, people are looking for ways to reduce harm to the Earth, and that’s where lanyards come in. Reusing a lanyard several times means that the product can last for months without needing to be replaced and this avoids waste. The all-natural dyes used in creating these sustainable lanyards mean you can feel good about wearing them as an accessory. Plus, you’ll be considered environmentally friendly with the respect you bring to your company.

If you have questions regarding these types of lanyards or would like to find out more about the process of creating them, please contact us at where our team will be happy to help. We can create a digital proof to include your logo and any text required, perfect for showing how the lanyards will look when worn. Why not add a QR code that people can scan and then be taken to a website with more information about your organization. We have many different accessories available that can be sewn onto the lanyard and these include metal clips and claws, buckles and even pull reels. Do you want to add an ID badge holder to your environmentally friendly lanyard? Then we can supply those too in a variety of sizes that can match with business cards. Speak to Irelands leading supplier of identity solutions about how eco friendly lanyards can work for you today.