Lanyards are attachments that are fastened around the neck, sometimes wrists or belts that help carry various items with ease. There are many Different uses of Lanyards. Some of the most commonly used and seen lanyards are the lanyard for keys, a phone lanyard, an ID lanyard, and key lanyards. Typically, a lanyard works as a harness for ID cards for easy identification or as a safety harness to prevent losing valuable items like keys, cameras, phones, etc.

There are several types of lanyards used in fall protection. From screen-printed custom lanyards to dye-sublimated lanyards, military-like para cord lanyards, and woven cool lanyards. There are different choices of materials too – nylon, tubular, polyester, eco-friendly materials like bamboo, and recyclable plastic material. Following is a list of 8 different uses of Lanyards

Different uses of Lanyards

What are the Different uses of Lanyards?

  1. School ID Cards

In schools, the use of ID cards has become pretty common nowadays. It helps identify and differentiate students of one school from another, and also from outsiders or visitors. One looks at the lanyard with an ID holder, and one is instantly able to understand where the child studies. A school lanyard ID holder is good for safety purposes, especially where young kids are concerned.


  1. ID badge lanyards in the corporate world

Staff ID badge lanyards are also quite common these days. Most companies use a custom lanyard with the logo and name printed on the lanyard. It is one of the most affordable ways to beef up the security of the place. Besides staff members, lanyard strings are also used with IDs for visitors, vendors, contractors, and so on. The use of lanyard badge holders helps the organization distinguish between in-house team members and outsiders.

  1. Keychain Lanyard

The use of a lanyard keychain is one of the most effective ways to keep your keys safe and easily accessible. With the help of a wrist lanyard or a neck string, your car and house keys have minimal chances of getting lost or misplaced. Instead of putting the keys in your pocket, simply try a key lanyard. Similarly, some people use lanyard wallets to lessen the risks of theft.

  1. Coach Lanyard

Sports coaches were one of the first ones to start the use of lanyards. They would hang their whistles on the lanyard. Today, coaches use the lanyard for various other purposes, for example, using for stopwatches, pens, IDs, wallet lanyards, lanyards for keys, and more. Similarly, teachers too use teacher lanyards to keep essential items like pens, etc., within easy reach. They are also likely to use lanyard keychains for keys to safes and cupboards in the school.

  1. Cell phone lanyard

Just like keychains and IDs, phone lanyards offer safety for your precious smartphone and keep it within accessible range, always. Thus, the chances of misplacing your phone are reduced phenomenally.

  1. Clever use of lanyards

Workers at concerts and big events, the crew at film production units, on school trips, in volunteer groups, at athletic meets, during skiing or mountaineering, rock-climbing, boating trips, one carry whistles, keys, wallets, or phones with the help of lanyards. These are also used with medals and awards, during fund-raising functions, and more.

  1. Retractable lanyard

The proper use of a retractable lanyard is in self-retracting lifelines, positioning devices, safety nets for fall arrest protection, and the safety of workers at construction sites, etc. These are called safety lanyards and are used along with the harness as an anchor. Besides safety, these lanyards and harnesses permit the worker to keep both their hands free for work.

  1. Lanyard for Wrist

Festival wristbands are quite popular at fairs and festivals. Many a time the lanyards are branded, or offer a contactless chip inside that helps attendees to use the lanyards for payment purposes. This means that they do not have to carry cash or credit cards for food, drinks, and buying merchandise. These cute lanyards are perfect as souvenir items too. Lanyard for the wrist is mostly used by companies participating at fairs to promote and market their products, branding, etc.

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