Lanyards have been useful in the workplace for decades, holding everything from ID pockets to keys and even phones. We all know that lanyards can serve a range of functions and can also be uniquely adapted for a particular location. With that in mind, Choosing the right lanyard for business is something you should give careful consideration to. That’s why we have come up with this guide that will assist you in choosing the right lanyards for your business. 

Important Factors to Think About When Choosing the right lanyard for business

Here are three factors that you must take into account while Choosing the right lanyard for business:

1. Material of Lanyards

Since several types of lanyards are available, it is crucial to know first what you require. So, you must consider the material of the lanyards. Leather, polyester, cotton, and nylon can all be used to make lanyards. A lanyard’s pricing and overall durability will vary depending on the material used to make it, which can typically be of basic, normal, or premium quality.

2. Style of Lanyards

Lanyards can be made in a variety of styles. Some are flat, some are weaved, some look like rope, and some are beaded. These designs are all appropriate for various work settings. 

Breakaway Lanyards 

Breakaway lanyards have a breakaway safety function, so if you tug on them or if they get caught on something, they will release and you won’t be hurt.

This type of lanyard is practical if you work on a construction site, at an airline, as a personal trainer, as a firefighter, in the military, or a blue-collar job because these occupations require you to perform physical labour at the workplace. 

Non-Breakaway Lanyards

The non-breakaway lanyard is not built with any breakaway safety features, but it can be used in a variety of applications without any issues.

If you are a white-collar worker doing office-based professional and administrative work, these are perfect for you. The two end-fittings available for this lanyard choice are bulldog clips and swivel hooks. Bulldog clips are designed to latch onto the slot on your ID card, whilst swivel hooks can be used to attach ID badges and a pair of keys. Swivel hooks give you greater flexibility in terms of connection possibilities.

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Adjustable Length Lanyard

These adjustable-length lanyards are available for purchase if you are buying lanyards for your staff members and are unclear whether the length will fit. Bulk purchases of these lanyards are possible. If you frequently hire new staff, buying in quantity is practical because you can give lanyards to each new hire and help them feel like a member of the team right away.

3. Attachments to be Used

Lanyards can be used for a variety of purposes aside from their traditional role as ID holders in the workplace. Nowadays, any lanyard can be attached to a key ring, phone holder, pen holder, badge holder, swivel hook, bulldog clip, or even a trigger hook. As a result, you should consider how you intend to use your lanyards.

Choosing the right lanyard for business
When choosing hooks for ID badge holders, compatibility is critical. To avoid complications, consider standard lanyard size. Also, keep in mind that the price you pay will vary depending on the hook/clip you choose. When ordering printed lanyards for corporate events, you can order more than one type of attachment to see how useful they will be in your workplace. You should select the attachment to use based on usability criteria. The easier it is to use, the more functional the lanyard will be in the organization.

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