Custom lanyards are an essential piece of equipment for anyone in the business world. They’re a stylish, durable way to hold IDs, keys, and other items easily without having to worry about losing them. But what makes lanyards even more attractive is the wide variety of custom designs they can be created with. In addition, they can be made from a variety of different materials and include several different clips and buckles.

Lanyards are very versatile when it comes to different promotions you’d like to run or events where people will have their hands full. Plus, they’re extremely useful during public service announcements because people will always have their hands in the air or at their sides. You can even add a message to your custom lanyards to increase brand awareness and potentially sales. Customised lanyards in Ireland can include logos and text, however some materials are more limited in terms of colours than others.

Sublimated Lanyards

But the biggest benefit of lanyards is that they won’t fade or wear out as quickly as you’d expect and you won’t need to replace them often. Even more importantly, a custom lanyard can serve as an effective way to build trust between your business and its customers. This is because it provides clients with something that identifies them in an easy and discreet way. It’s an inexpensive way to promote your business and it’s a great idea that’s likely overlooked by most businesses. Printed lanyards are ideal for staff members who spend a lot of time at customers premises; such as repair staff or delivery drivers. Not only does it give customers peace of mind that the worker represents the company and can be allowed access to their home or office, but it acts as a great piece of advertising and brand exposure.

If you’re looking for a way to promote your business, lanyards are an excellent way to do so. A custom lanyard can act as a badge of honor for employees, and it will make them feel more like part of the team. They also make accessories for people who don’t wear jackets or ties to work, making them quickly identifiable with your business. You can purchase standard lanyards or create custom ones that perfectly match the attire you have in your office. Lanyards are an easy and affordable way to create a professional, polished appearance for your business and they can be made to match your corporate colour scheme.

Polyester lanyards

But the best part about lanyards isn’t just their tactical and promotional value. They’re also an inexpensive way for people to value their personal possessions with them. The business cards you get from your local printing company are still a good idea, especially for people who love to carry around their own personalised cards. But many people prefer to carry their cards on a lanyard because it’s easier and it allows them to easily snap their cards into place. The best quality lanyards in Ireland with the best prices can be found at Ireland Lanyards. Their team has years of experience and will be able to offer suggestions as to the best material and design to showcase your organization.

Custom lanyards are a great way to promote your business. They are made of quality materials that won’t break or wear out, they’re easy to carry and they can be the perfect accessory for anyone who is in the business world. They are very commonly found at trade fairs and conferences – with guests wearing an ID badge displaying their name and company details. This is just one way of how custom printed lanyards are used. Another is by staff at large office buildings that can be shared by many companies – and the lanyard can easily identify which company the person belongs to. If you want to order lanyards, then email us at or call +353 83047 5444 and we will be happy to assist.